Nature and Characteristics of the ECOWAS Brown Card

Valid Certificate

The ECOWAS Brown Card shall be recognized as a valid certificate of insurance in the territories of the parties to this Protocol in which the production of such a certificate is required, either within the national territory or at its frontiers, as a condition for the circulation of motor vehicles.

Covers Liability

The guarantee provided by the ECOWAS BROWN CARD shall cover the liability incurred by the holder of the card in accordance with the laws of each member country which he visits. Such guarantee shall be subject to the conditions and limitations contained in the insurance policy, if the said conditions and limitations are permitted by the laws or regulations of the Member State where the accident occurred.

Proof of Existence

During the period of its validity, the ECOWAS Brown Card shall constitute proof of the existence of an insurance policy. It will be effective only in the event that the original cover is also in force.

Guaranteed by Law

The card shall provide all guarantees required by the laws and regulations governing compulsory motor vehicle insurance in the country in which the accident occurred, notwithstanding the terms of the insurance policy under which it is issued.

Automatic Issuance of the Brown Card

Until recently, Brown Cards were procured by motorists who needed to travel beyond the shores of Ghana to other countries within the ECOWAS Sub-Region. Effective from June 1, 2016, every insured motorist is required to be issued with an ECOWAS Brown Card certificate by their respective motor insurer, whether traveling outside Ghana to an ECOWAS member state or not, as within Ghana, an accident can be caused by a Ghanaian insured motorist

Automatic Issuance

Sample ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme Certificate


ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme Certificate


ECOWAS Brown Card Insurance Scheme Certificate